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Cryptocurrency Mining and Mining Equipment development

An investment platform for automated profit on cryptocurrency mining and the development of equipment for farms. Sign up
44570.6$ BTC/usd
135.77$ ltc/usd
3014.14$ eth/usd
0.89$ XRP/usd
135.77$ ltc/usd
Mining amount cryptocurrency 28316670$
Monthly earnings from 2500%
Equipment developed 14800

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For our investors

We involve private and legal entities as investors in order to accelerate the process of development and opening of new farms. It will allow us to increase profitability and attract additional funds for the development of our farms and the popularization of mining in the world.


For our partners

ASIC LTD offers its partners a referral program of 3 levels. Attract new investors and earn money with them up to 10% of the amount of all deposits.


About the company ASIC LTD

ASIC LTD is an investment platform for automated profit on cryptocurrency mining and the development of mining equipment.

We have developed an automated ecosystem that allows everyone to earn money from mining, regardless of experience and age. More than 80 farms have been opened all over the world.

We use the funds received to open new farms, create additional jobs for analysts and engineers, purchase and develop new equipment for existing and liquidate old and unprofitable farms.

Every year we open more than 14 new farms and conduct from 3 to 6 updates of the investment platform for our clients.

More detailed
Official registration of ASIC LTD 13782036 CHECK
Support available round the clock After the registration process, we will attach a personal manager to you who will be capable of answering all questions and helping with the functionality of the site at any given moment.
Quick withdrawal of funds You will receive your first profit the very next day. The withdrawal process takes from 3 seconds to 1 hour, depending on the workload of the finance department.
Guaranteed payments We work formally and conclude an investment agreement with every partner.
Beneficial rates We have assembled a team of 40 experts in mining, investment, cryptocurrency, big data analytics and engineering. Owing to an experienced team, we can guarantee high earnings to everyone.

Company address ASIC LTD

26 Scrutton Street, London, England, EC2A 4RJ

Referral program

The ASIC LTD partner program allows each partner of our company to receive additional income from each deposit of your referral structure. Attract new investors and earn with them up to 10% of the amount of all deposits.

  • 6%1 level
  • 3%2 level
  • 1%3 level

Representative program


Bonus program

Detailed information about the operation of the bonus program is located in the table below.
Make a turn of line 1 10000$ bonus 100$
Make a turn of line 1 15000$ bonus 200$
Make a turn of line 1 20000$ bonus 300$
Make a turn of line 1 30000$ bonus 400$
Make a turn of line 1 40000$ bonus 500$
Make a turn of line 1 50000$ bonus 1000$
Make a turn of line 1 100000$ bonus 5000$
  • Days Online 206
  • Total number of investors 12541
  • Investors Online 50
  • Maximum deposit: 35000.00$

Data protection and security

All data is encrypted and stored on separate servers. It prevents external DDoS attacks and leaks of information about users and partners.
  • Decentralization Our servers are located in 15 countries and are separate from each other. Information about the user is fragmented and sent in parts to each server in encrypted form. We do not store encryption keys and guarantee the complete security of your data.
  • Authorization Authorization codes for activating personal accounts are automatically deleted from the servers within 5 minutes after activating your account. Only you have access to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantees do you have for the safety of the deposit?

In case of force majeure, the deposit is refunded without interest.

When will I start making profit?

The first profit will be 24 hours after depositing the investment plan account.

For what kind of purposes was this site created?

This site was developed to introduce the company’s activities as well as to attract new partners and investors.

Are the time frames given on the site expressed in calendar or working days?

All charges are made on weekdays (Monday - Friday).

The term of each investment plan is specified in business days.

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